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Plane Spotting CLT

Plane Spotting CLT
Description: Plane Spotting CLT is a group of spotters and photographers scattered around North and South Carolina, but primarily centered around Charlotte. Interests range from spotting and logging regs to lots and lots of photography... Especially from the highly acclaimed overlook at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.
Website: http://www.CarolinaPlaneSpotting.org
E-Mail: PlaneSpottingCLT@yahoogroups.com
Group Statitics:
Number of Members: 6
Total Num Photos: 2,253
Total Num Views: 3,390,853
Average Views: 1,505
Group Photo:
Group Photo:
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Photo Views: 597,280
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Group Members:
Photographer's Name # Photos Total Views Avg. Views/Photo
Michael D. Licko 1,147 1,086,341 947.12 View Photos / Contact
Radomir Zaric - CLT Digipix 443 608,604 1,373.82 View Photos / Contact
Lyndon Thorley 376 571,122 1,518.94 View Photos / Contact
Chaz Hinkle 185 302,699 1,636.21 View Photos / Contact
Trent R Sellers 83 779,980 9,397.35 View Photos / Contact
Wes Palmer 19 42,107 2,216.16 View Photos / Contact

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