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ILS Spotting Group

ILS Spotting Group
Description: ILS is short for "Interessengemeinschaft Luftfahrt Schweiz", translated as a community of aviation enthusiasts in Switzerland. We are an association of over 300 members of virtually every field of interest: The ILS unites virtual pilots (on- and offline), real pilots (glider, private, business, cargo, commercial), aviation ground staff and, of course, aviation photographers and aviation fans. Members of the ILS Spotting Group have no common "homebase", although a large number of photos feature Zurich Airport ZRH/LSZH. When exploring the work of our photographers, you will also see pictures from all over the world from well-known and rather special locations. Please enjoy now the affiliated galleries and feel free to contact any of our members - we appreciate your feedback. Thanks for looking and come again soon!
Website: http://www.flightforum.ch
Group Statitics:
Number of Members: 13
Total Num Photos: 2,072
Total Num Views: 4,154,095
Average Views: 2,005
Group Photo:
Group Photo:
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Visitiors platform, Dock E, Zürich (ZRH/LSZH) on a rainy Saturday in December - the group is standing tight coz it's 0°C! But the fun we have behind the camera and spotting together in the group is just no matter of sunshine!

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Group Members:
Photographer's Name # Photos Total Views Avg. Views/Photo
Sandy Siegenthaler 560 1,334,812 2,383.59 View Photos / Contact
Stefan Gschwind 528 591,188 1,119.67 View Photos / Contact
Tis Meyer 490 1,044,778 2,132.20 View Photos / Contact
Silvan Rüegger 175 380,767 2,175.81 View Photos / Contact
Tino Dietsche 90 367,635 4,084.83 View Photos / Contact
Patrick Stoeckli 75 81,462 1,086.16 View Photos / Contact
Johannes Kern 69 91,874 1,331.51 View Photos / Contact
matias trachsel 36 95,708 2,658.56 View Photos / Contact
Roman Frei 24 22,690 945.42 View Photos / Contact
Marc Läderach 12 40,639 3,386.58 View Photos / Contact
Patrick Wirth 10 20,790 2,079.00 View Photos / Contact
Markus Wisler 2 79,204 39,602.00 View Photos / Contact
Markus Michalski 1 2,548 2,548.00 View Photos / Contact

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